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  1. Skiied up Bryant to Heavenly on 12/17 (before the rain). Did two loops, with a descent on the resort trails the first time, then through the woods on the second. Cover was pretty good, although the snow was a bit crusty until the very top. Best part was the second descent, which was through a glade zone not on the map. If looking at the Nordic Backcountry Map, our descent went roughly from the label “Moose Glen” to the label “Snow Hole”. Dropped about 900ft in about 1.1 miles, mostly along the skiers right of a creek. The space between the trees was about as good as it gets on the east coast, making for a very pleasant ride.

  2. Is there hunting at Bolton Valley? YES! Today Pat and I came across a kill site on Cliff hanger just above Telemark. The deer was man-hauled down upper Telemark and then loaded onto a snowmobile for the rest of the way out. PLEASE wear a hat or vest of “hunter orange” if you are hiking or skiing the area during deer season. Not “bright colors” –hunter orange.

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