Ann’s Aug. 13 note to membership

Ann’s August 13th letter to membershipHope everyone is enjoying this fine August weather and Perseids meteor showers!  Our small group of 4 (Jerry Lasky, Laureen Gauthier, Hope Crifo and I with help from Liz Hollenbach) have been busy over the summer months and we would like to share some exciting updates with you.

First of all, Survey Results. There is a separate post summarizing the results.

As we read the results, the answer from the “Friends” was a resounding YES to start a nonprofit.  Next step, we have been in communication with State Forest and Parks, and other non-profits involved with skiing and trails. They are aware and supportive of our NPO plans.  Some of the survey responders questioned whether we should join forces with one of the other larger non-profits.  This idea was discussed during our meetings.  We came to an agreement it is in ours and other NPOs best interest to be separate entities but plan to work closely on common projects together.

Jerry submitted the initial paperwork last week and as of 8/7 we are officially entered as a NPO  Friends of Bolton Valley Nordic and Backcountry Inc. and have a registered Trade Name of “Bolton Friends”.  Let’s hear it for us!

Next step, trail work:  Taking a serious look at serious erosion problems, particularly on Nordic Trails.  A few of us did a walk through with the State FPR and drew up priorities for trail work.  Gary and Rob from State FPR then had a meeting with Bolton Valley Associates.  Bridge, culvert and drainage work will be done over Sept and Oct. of this year on Broadway.  Drainage work will be done on Maple Loop. Mowing and tree maintenance will be done in those months on all the groomed trails.

The Old Goats will continue our yearly back country trail clearing starting in later September.  Anyone who wishes to do trail work on the back country trails and are not already on the list, please email me and I will place you on the list.

Last but not least, representatives from the GMC took a walk through and inventory of both cabins (Bolton Lodge and Bryant Cabin) they are very excited about cabin renovations.  They will most likely begin renovations in 2014.  The GMC is looking for anyone who has interest in the cabins… past and historical perspective as well as assisting with future planning and work.  If you have these interests please contact:

Dave Hardy at:


Will Wiquist at:

Think that is all for now!

Enjoy and catch a falling star!