Survey results

Summary of survey how to use Bolton land, forming a non-profit and how you can contribute. 

Survey Results:  We had 119 responders
question:  What is your interest in the Bolton Nordic and Backcountry Lands?
Nordic skiing (skate or classic on groomed trails) 70.60%
Backcountry skiing 94.10%
Conservation value 82.40%
Wildlife and birding 49.60%
Hiking 60.50%
Hunting 2.50%
Mountain biking 19.30%
Winter use of Bryant Cabin and Bolton Lodge 38.70%
 question:  Would you support the forming of a Non-profit Organization for planning, managing, and fund raising to support the Bolton lands?
Response Response
Percent Count
Yes 84.40% 81
No 1.00% 1
Not Sure 14.60% 14
question:  Would you be will to participate in this organization, if so, How?
Response Response
Percent Count
Become a member 87.50% 77
Serve on the board 21.60% 19
Provide legal services 2.30% 2
Provide office or other clerical services 5.70% 5
Provide web-building or other technology-based support 4.50% 4
Participate in educational activities 23.90% 21
Participate in public relations activities 11.40% 10
Participate in fund-raising events 25.00% 22
Participate in organizing activities on the land (such as back country ski tours, birding or wildlife tours) 33.00% 29
Assist with annual newsletter 15.90% 14
Grant writing 6.80% 6
Participate in land-use planning 19.30% 17
Trail maintenance (nordic) 36.40% 32
Trail maintenance (backcountry) 72.70% 64
I would not want to participate 3.40% 3
Other ways you’d be willing to get involved? 11